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yellow chair

yellow chair
On a yellow chair I sat,
heavy I am with the burden I bear,
No more real it is than just a load on my shoulder,
but it is something I would honour,
it is something i would call 'duty',

It is my job to know,
when, where, why, what and how,
and who,
and it is my job to know,
when is when, where is where, why is why, what is what, how is how,
and who is who,

I am not a soldier,
carrying guns and killing another soldier,
(but my words can!)
I am not a fireman,
braving through fire to rescue the future,
(but my words can!)
I am not a teacher,
to educate someone and be remembered for years,
(but my words can!)
I am no villain,
stray upon the street for a victim to be slain,
(but my words can!)

I am no right, I am no wrong,
I am no righteous, I am no cautious,
I am no truth, I am no lies,
I am no justice. I am no deceive,
I just everything abstract you can describe,

So on that'll be my life,
by fingers dancing on the keyboard,
never liked it yet never been bored,
just to be telling someone about something,
as a reporter,
on a yellow chair I sat..

poem by s.syahmi

I might not do justice when I only wrote malay song when I am the administrator of english site www.esastera.com/poets ,well here goes, hope you like it, wear cowboy hat when you hear this song.

I know my english sound like nursery kid,I'm not trying to be english, it just me. words are from poem written by mohd syafiq syahmi.

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