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It Is You

It Is You

The hurt still remains even after all this time

And every work I read my heart pains with its rhyme.

Oh, this is why my soul is cold and the day is so heavy

Though I try to escape the story told It burdens me.

Which love do I miss? I thought one love was true

Yet without even your kiss it is you.

And time has no mercy for through each day I must pass

And each through your memory, with no way around, until my last.

Even sleep bears no escape for your image appears

There plain and the darkness only when the day will break

To realize you are gone again. Yet, even heaven gives no relief

For it is here that we did meet and to see your angel only gives grief

For on this earth our life was incomplete.

This is where we should know such bliss

Not in dreams nor even in heaven

But the rapture from a simple kiss

Of a love for which our life given.

So, these days remain unfulfilled Now that you have gone

and each drop the rain has spilled Lasts so long.

Words by George Manos

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