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Flying to a Dream

Flying to a Dream
The sun lights the beacon of your smile the day blesses
That makes the sun faint in turn
The moon's beams gently ruffle your tresses
Making them giddy in the night for which they now yearn.
The ocean quietly murmurs to the sound of your voice
That makes its waves swell in delight
The stars gently kindle the allure of your gaze
Making them twinkle in your luminescent sight.
And the lilacs and tulips drape the ground you grace
As their scent sweetens spring's early rise
Yet you freshly descend from a place
Where timeless beauty lies.
And the sun and moon contend for only your view
The day you brighten, the night that in your aspect gleams
But both lose to the love a man will have for you
They must let you fly to his dreams.

words by George Manos
Song by Airmas

Imagine that all of us can fly, we can reach the sky and back to the ground, would it not be a great moment in our lifetime, we can learn more than any human can imagine

All we need to do is just close our eyes and dream, make it real in our own realm, we are a flying human, don't be confuse with superman, we can fly with our cloth on, of course, do not imagine that noooooo!!!!, do not wear undies like superman

We human are dreamers, we would not achieve anything in life just by expecting it to come on any corner of our life, set aside if you think that winning jackpot is worth dreaming. things are not always that easy, the least you can do, if you lost hope in life, be with someone you love and that someone would loved you more

I had a few song, inspired by words written by George Manos, an extraordinary a poet I always chat in the internet, well, I'm not English speaker, my english is as rusty as rotten iron, but I do my best in creating the melodies and singing, if the word turn awful to you then it is my fault, the poet create lovely word, and I translate it into a song the best way I can

Enjoy the song as I did to the words

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