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Poetry: I’m sorry, I’m not you

haaa puisi omputeh...Today is quite a day....I wrote this poem

I’m sorry, I’m not you
By airmas_sz

Forgive me my friend
For I can’t accept your rage
Just because I stand still
When everybody bends

Do not humiliate me
If I go against the wave
You can’t see what’s inside me
I am different
We are different

Forgive me my friend
When I go against the wind
I can’t just sit and cry
With defeat in my eyes

Do not misjudge me
If you did not see what I am
I don’t want to be a puppet
I can reach
We can reach

I stand when everyone crawling
I want to run when everyone standing
I won’t let my self be kick for what I’m standing
I shall fight back even if it makes me crawling

if you think I'm just like you ...Think again...hah

I coming home this evening....I miss my kid..mmmmm