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I care not much what people say

In the begin
there is not nothing much
but much is One that create everything

And we began
there is light we might we must
yet many of us forgotten, yes we may be know not
but not knowing is our own fault

The sign is always there
it beacon too bright until we cannot see
remember to take a deep breath
take your time it will be clear
as time will always tell
always tell the truth

Human nature is eager
in creating history
with a fiction from a true event
the history can be long foretold story
end up being legend
where truth does not weight in measure
just a story for leisure

lives is not to be easily attest
for what people say is not always best
I care not much what people say
for what in my heart is one with One

SSU 1512 10032012

a bit of info you might want to know

Mentol180watt new single is coming out soon, keep on checking for the release, we are getting some review from our facebook friends, to see if it is something that our friends can listen as music or it is just our own noise,curently ,some feedback are quite encouraging, it will be something which is completely Mentol180watt brand of sound or influence

At this moment the single will include two songs which I wrote with lyric in malay from ainunl muaiyanah
first track is "Apa Ada Lagi" and second is "Kaca Jendela Tren", I hope listener will like this songs, well, get touch with the single album when time is due and do support us;) 

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